Counting the Notes

The NATIONAL MUSIC COUNCIL launches Counting the Notes - a statistical report on the contribution of the Music Industry to the UK economy

The high economic value of the music industry to the UK is demonstrated by this very significant NMC report which was launched on 7 November 2002 and is available exclusively for downloading here on the MusicEd website.
(Document in PDF format - can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat reader or similar software.)

The economic contribution of the music business to the UK economy, the sector's 'value added', was put at around £3.6 billion in 2000 - an increase of over 15 per cent on the 1997/98 figure.

The NMC's chairman, Robin Osterley, said

"The economic significance of the music industry, huge though it is, must never be taken to be the be-all and end-all of the importance of music. In a world where numbers and statistics are ever more important, we need always to understand the economic impact; but the proof of the importance of music lies in the sheer joy of making and listening to music, which enriches all our lives in so many ways."