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           The Very Best Friend - The Story

Mr Clickermouse loves his computer. Every day it plays games with him and plays him music. It writes out his letters and it does sums for him. It is his best friend. They are together all the time.

But one sad day the computer breaks down in a flash of smoke - what a disaster! Call the fire-brigade! A fire-fighter rushes in to help, but Mr Clickermouse won't let her turn her hose on.

Then Mrs Squeegee, the cleaner, tries to help... She uses all her buckets, mops, gloves and brushes to mend the machine. Now the computer looks very funny - but it works and plays some really funky music.

Then the fire-fighter tries to help as well. She fiddles with the parts - but just ends up turning the computer into a writing machine.

Just as Mr Clickermouse is getting desperate, the Computer Doctor arrives. The computer looks so strange now - not like a real computer at all. So the Computer Doctor experiments with all the pieces. In fact she even tries fitting them on herself.



Meanwhile, Mr Clickermouse has gone to sleep. When he wakes up, he has a big surprise. He thinks his machine has come to life. But it is really the Computer Doctor. 'Dance with me!' she says and she will not take 'No' for an answer.

Poor Mr Clickermouse. He thinks he can't dance. And he can't believe he is being swirled round the floor by his computer. 'Wow! That was good', says Mr Clickermouse. The Computer Doctor starts to take off the machine parts and throw them back together again. Suddenly the old computer is alive and working.

'You've mended it!' says Mr Clickermouse who starts playing on it straight away. Then he remembers the Computer Doctor. 'Well', he says 'the computer's still my best friend, but you're my VERY best friend! Let's have another dance.'

And so they do.

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