If your school's music is something to celebrate, then why not have it and your pupils' other arts achievements recognised?

The Arts Council of England (ACE) is soon to award ARTSMARKS...

Badges of excellence for schools which demonstrate:

commitment to the arts

concern not only with academic success but also with the wider development of young people

pupil access to a wide range of arts experiences, including musicians, other artists and arts organisations

Development of the scheme has been led by the DCMS, in partnership with the ACE, the DfEE, QCA, Ofsted and Sport England.


At the time of writing, key criteria are described in broad brush terms. To complete an application, schools will need to carry out a detailed audit of arts education provision, including information about:

management of the arts, including their policy for all the arts in school

time allocated to the arts in lesson time

opportunities for pupils to share and celebrate their creative achievements

out-of-school hours arts activities, including levels of participation by pupils

partnerships with artists and arts organisations

opportunities for continuing professional development of teachers

development of targets for the arts

Originally ARTSMARK defined good quality arts provision broadly to include music, dance, drama, visual arts, craft and design, media and multi-media arts and literature. Schools will wish to establish at an early stage whether that definition still holds good.

A school's application must be supported by two independent referees; presumably they will need to be able to demonstrate that they have knowledge of arts education provision at the school.


January 2001 Launch of ARTSMARK award scheme

5th March 2001 Closing date for first round of applications

July 2001 First awards made

ARTSMARKS will be awarded annually for all schools and have a life of three years.


Register your interest by sending an email giving

A contact name

Full name and address of school, stating type (e.g. secondary/special)

Phone number and email address of school


You will then be sent an application pack.

The ARTSMARK helpline number is 0800 056 0196.


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