1. You teach music. You organise the teaching of music.
You are responsible for providing music education outside of school involving

- school children
- young people
- adults

2. Then you will be interested to learn how key to people's lives your role can be. Two of Britain's most experienced and respected music education researchers have recently contributed some fascinating, illuminating and challenging thoughts, conclusions and conjectures. In March 2001, the Performing Right Society published "The power of music", a study by Professor Sue Hallam of the strength of music's influence on our lives. And in May, Professor John Sloboda, in a keynote paper given at the Federation of Music Services' annual conference, drew upon some recent research findings including progress to date of a major ESRC project investigating the socio-economic factors influencing young people's decisions and motivations to take-up, sustain, avoid, or abandon musical involvement and the acquisition of musical skills, and asked some very controversial questions.

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