LEA Awards 2007 title

(In association with the Music Education Council,
the PRS Foundation and Jazz Services)



It is perhaps more fitting to start rather than conclude our introduction with an acknowledgement of the value and extent of the commitment made by heads of music services, their staffs, that endangered species, specialist music advisers and, of course, classroom music teachers who open doors and windows for pupils and students to experience the joy of music making. Reading the submissions we received this year also serves to remind us that in some areas of Britain that often maligned group of people, our locally elected representatives, the councillors, place real value on music education by voting handsome funding of their music services. And while England’s main education department (DCSF) has withdrawn its funding support of this scheme, it has maintained its lifeline funding of music services, for which we are truly grateful. The Scottish Parliament, through the Scottish Arts Council, has similarly maintained its invaluable top up of music service funding via the Youth Music Initiative.

2. This year’s crop of submissions is of high quality, though clearly implementation of universal Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal Teaching (WCIVT) continues to present its challenges in many areas. The gap between diploma winners and submissions which we single out for honourable mentions is, if anything, narrower this year than is normal.

3. It is interesting to note, despite the under 19s parameters of the English Music Standards Fund and the English Music Manifesto, the extent to which some LEAs and their music services have, like so many Scottish authorities, maintained their holistic approach to support for music making, ie by active involvement with and promotion of adult learning and performance and indeed bringing adults and young people together in mutually beneficial ways.

4. We are delighted to continue our association with the Music Education Council (MEC) and to have the support of the Federation of Music Services. We are also encouraged by the participation in this awards scheme of the PRS Foundation for New Music and Jazz Services Ltd (JSL), details of whose awards follow.

4. The NMC places on record its gratitude to the following members of the awards panel: Leonora Davies, Kathryn Deane, Fiona Harvey, Ben Lane, Andrew Burke, John Stephens and Ivor Widdison.

5. As is our custom, we draw attention also to the several other very creditable submissions we received.

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