LEA Awards 2005 title

(Supported by the Department for Education and Skills,
the Music Education Council and the Performing Right Society Foundation)



This year’s 36 submissions (from 38 LEAs) provide further evidence of the value of the Music Standards Fund in England. Since the introduction of the Fund in 1999 there has been a steady improvement in the all-round quality of submissions. Indeed, in this, and recent years, very few submissions before the Panel could be characterised as weak and then it is usually because we have been given too little information. The difference an injection of new funds can make is further evidenced by the vitality of the Scottish submissions. By contrast, the dramatic reduction of Music Development Fund grant in Wales has created very real problems for music education in that Country.

While noting and welcoming increased activity in the wider opportunities programmes, we would like to have seen more evidence of planning for transition from key stage 2 to 3. All Music Services are now investing in ICT and music technology. Such developments are of course particularly helpful where creativity is concerned and, in that connection, we warmly welcome the Performing Right Society Foundation’s participation in this Scheme. This takes the form of formal recognition of demonstrable high quality commitment to creative music-making. We were pleased with the number and quality of responses to this innovation and hope it will become a regular feature.

We pay tribute to

  • those elected LEA representatives and school governors who demonstrate their belief in the value of music by ensuring always that the music education for which they have a whole or part responsibility is properly resourced;
  • the heads of music services, advisors, instrumental tutors, advisory music teachers, education officers, head teachers and the young people themselves;
  • two organisations, the Centre for Young Musicians and the Berkshire Young Musicians Trust, which in their quiet way make a significant contribution to music education in many LEA areas;

In addition to the citations for the award winners, we follow our normal practice of drawing attention to those submissions which while not this year featuring among the awards nonetheless made very worthwhile submissions.

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