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  NEW - December 2017: The Will Michael Jazz Education Awards - 2017
The full report on this year's Awards:- the winners, the diplomas awarded and 'honourable mentions' given.

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  May 2010: Teaching the World
An article by Tony Haynes about the importance of an inclusive approach to music education.

  May 2003: Associated Board's New Jazz Horns Syllabus
Information on this long-awaited Jazz Syllabus for clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet and trombone.
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   June 2002: Noise
A look at the dangers of exposure to high levels of sound.

   June 2002: The Origins of Music
An introduction to the relationship between composers, science and the natural world.

   April 2002: The Young People and Music Participation Report
Keele University research on why children's music participation declines following the transition to secondary school.

   April 2002: Jazz Improvisation - an article by Frank Griffith
... and a response to it from Dr Charlie Beale on behalf of the Associated Board.

  August 2001: The Power of Music
A study by Professor Sue Hallam of the strength of music's influence on our lives

  August 2001: Did you get paid last month?
Ivor Widdison takes a look at copyright issues

  January 2001: Composing and improvising in the classroom
A new booklet published by the National Association
of Music Education - too good to go unremarked!

  January 2001: On your marks...
If your school's music is something to celebrate, then
why not have it and your pupils' other arts achievements recognised?

   Arts education in secondary schools: effects and effectiveness
A summary of the key findings from this research,
highlighting the vital effects of learning in the arts.
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